February 13, 2002 Minutes

Civic Engagement Task Force
February 13, 2002

Present: V. Borden, S. Kahn, G. Miller, S. Kirchhoff, M. Bell, J. Hatcher, C. Sullivan, S. MacLaughlin

  1. The charge of the CETF was reviewed and the work for the Spring and Summer, which will be focused on the NCA accreditation was presented.
  2. The Context for Planning was distributed and discussed.
  3. The Preliminary Plan for Teaching and Learning was distributed and was discussed as a parallel document to civic engagement.
  4. V. Borden distributed the Performance Indicator document. Examples of macro and micro indicators were provided. For example, for a macro level indicator, Minority Participation, there are Key Indicators, Other Indicators, and Unit Indicators. A Technical Advisory Group will review the adequacy of indicators (e.g., ability to communicate to external stakeholders) and an administrative group will review the relevance of the indicator (e.g., the availability of data for the indicator).
  5. For NCA work on civic engagement, we should arrive at the macro and micro performance indicators, but probably not judgements about quality. The base for developing the criteria for the judgments will be a longer-term process. The indicators may represent current status and recent trends with the institutional context. Concerning the institutional-level vs. sum of the work of individual units, for teaching and learning, PRAC has accumulated unit reports. For civic engagement, information will come from annual reports plus the web-based Civic Engagement Inventory.


  6. Steve showed the Task Force the Civic Engagement Inventory, which is operational. Information from sample projects will be entered into the CEI and distributed to units for review and updates. Rollout of the CEI to Deans is expected in 2 weeks; they will be asked to enter "big ticket" items for piloting. The CEI is currently seen as better suited for project activities rather than individual activities by faculty (e.g., individual consulting).
  7. S. Kahn noted that the NCA campus visit is scheduled for Nov. 18-20 and requires a good draft by early to mid-September. For Teaching and Learning, all performance indicators will be presented as in developing and informing strategic planning. For Civic Engagement, the language and structure should be in place with evidence and examples in both web-based (with links) and print form. The portfolio can be previewed at www.iport.iupui.edu.

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