Special Emphasis on Teaching and Learning

This section of the IUPUI portfolio is a Web-based special emphases self-study for the campus"s November 2002 accreditation review by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. In it, we discuss and critically review the main concepts, strategies, and initiatives that have driven our efforts to support effective learning and teaching at IUPUI; examine the impact of our strategies and structures; identify strengths and challenges, and recommend actions for improvement. We conclude with several questions to our accreditation review team members on how we might further improve the impact and effectiveness of our approaches.

Throughout this section, you will find menus and text linked to portions of this portfolio or other IUPUI Web sites that include:
  • Detailed information on topics, programs, initiatives, and offices referenced in the narrative
  • Policy and planning documents, reports, and statistical information
  • Statements of learning objectives including our Principles of Undergraduate Learning (PULs), and findings from direct and indirect assessments of student learning
  • Representative examples of student and faculty work presented to demonstrate specific teaching and learning practices and outcomes
  • Indicators of our effectiveness in teaching and learning.

We hope this self-study will be of interest to visitors beyond our accreditation review team members themselves: our many stakeholders in the Indianapolis community and the state of Indiana, colleagues at other higher education institutions and organizations, and our own students, staff members, and faculty members at IUPUI, so many of whom have contributed to the work represented here.

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