Fifteen public works of art created by some of the world's most noteworthy artists are on exhibit on the grounds of Eskenazi Hall as part of the Public Sculpture Invitational. Included in the exhibition are works by Herron School of Art and Design faculty Katrin Asbury, Greg Hull, and Eric Nordgulen. Other artists include David Bellamy, Barbara Cooper, Tom Otterness, John Ruppert, James Wille Faust, Edward Mayer, Don Gummer, Judith Shea, Casey Eskridge, Wim Delvoye, Tom Sachs, and Arney Nadler. The project is supported by grants from the Cultural Development Commision, Ruth Lilly, IU New Frontier Grant Program, and the IUPUI Campus Arts Committee.

In partnership with the Arts Council of Indianapolis and IUPUI senior administrators, HerronSchool of Art and Design Visual Communication students developed and presented proposals for a website that will serve as the cultural portal for higher education students in Central Indiana . The site, created by and for students, features news, information, reviews and ticket discounts on regional cultural programming. The Central Indiana Community Foundation served as sponsor for the project, which was led by Professor YoungBok Hong.

The Polis Center in the School of Liberal Arts presented the 2004 Spirit & Place Civic Festival in November 2004. Featuring 87 concerts, plays, exhibits, dialogues, and other events across Central Indiana , the ninth annual festival was a collaboration among 125 partnership organizations, including the city´s universities and colleges, museums, congregations, arts, and civic organizations, among others.

Education professor Charles Barman was awarded an Indiana Commission for Higher Education Title II Grant to fund a two-year project to assist middle school science teachers in incorporating inquiry-based instruction into their teaching practice. The project is a collaboration among the School of Education, the School of Science, the Indiana Essential Schools Network, and Indianapolis Public Schools.

School of Education professors Beth Berghoff and Joy Seybold are members of a committee designing professional development programs to support the Indianapolis Public Schools in its conversion to small schools. Sue Blackwell, Trish Weis, Carol Matern, and Jim Kilbane are among the faculty members who will work as Teaching and Learning Coaches for each individual small school.

The School of Social Work has partnered with the Hispanic Education Center ´s Mother-Daughter project since its inception in 2001. The partnership, led by Professor Irene Queiro-Tajalli, works with middle school Hispanic girls and their mothers to encourage the young women to aspire to a college education and, ultimately, to increase the representation of Hispanic women in higher education.

The IUPUI Upward Bound (UB) program, sponsored by University College , served more than 140 students from eight Indianapolis high schools. This year, 45 of 48 UB seniors graduated from high school and 39 were accepted to college. Twenty-five UB students participated in the IUPUI Math/Science Component, which partners UB with the School of Science and is designed to prepare students for math/science careers.

Now in its eighth year, University College ´sNorthwest High School Internship Program brings student interns from the school to the IUPUI campus for eight weeks. Over the years, 85 percent of these students have chosen IUPUI for their college education as a result of this eight-week program.

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