Annual Performance Report -- Introduction

Renewing Our Commitment: Planning for a Dynamic Future

A Message from Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

IUPUI has never been afraid to think big—for itself, for Indianapolis, for Indiana, and beyond. Thinking big got us where we are today. It enabled us to increase baccalaureate degrees by more than 1,400 students a year since 2002, increase research funding by 50 percent, and quadruple civic engagement, involving more than 8,700 students in service learning in 2012-2013 alone. It enabled us, with the help of countless partners, friends, neighbors, faculty, and staff, to transform our campus, which would be almost unrecognizable to anyone who knew it ten years ago.

Our community partners in Indianapolis, Central Indiana, and the entire state have shared and supported our bold aspirations. That's how we were able to exceed all expectations to raise $1.39 billion in our recently concluded IUPUI IMPACT Campaign, the largest fund-raising campaign in IU's nearly 200-year history. We are deeply grateful to our IUPUI alumni, who contributed more than $50 million; our faculty, staff, and retirees, who gave more than $18 million; and our community friends, foundations, and corporations, who accounted for more than $1 billion of the campaign's total proceeds. We are committed to meeting these partners' high expectations and to continuing to innovate and collaborate to make our city, region, and state a great place to live, learn, and work.

Now it's time for us to think big again. In fall of 2012, I charged our new Executive Vice Chancellor, Nasser Paydar, with developing a strategic plan to guide IUPUI's development as we approach our 50th anniversary in 2019 and IU's bicentennial in 2020. As I write this introduction, we are finalizing the recommendations in this plan, entitled "Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond: IUPUI Strategic Plan." "Our Commitment" was developed through an inclusive process that involved more than 250 IUPUI faculty and staff members, in consultation with more than 50 campus and community stakeholder groups. With this plan, we renew the commitment to Indianapolis, Indiana, and beyond that has been at the core of all IUPUI planning efforts since our 1969 founding.

The plan embraces the distinctiveness of our programs, location, students, faculty, and staff. It builds on our strengths and honors our past investments, while aiming to accomplish much more in the future. Organized around three key priorities—supporting the success of our students, advancing the health and life sciences, and contributing to the well-being of people in our city, region, state, and beyond—it sets forth ten initiatives that give us a road map for continuing to advance and transform our institution:

Promote undergraduate student learning and success: Create more effective environments, practices, and support systems for student learning, success, and degree attainment.

Increase capacity for graduate education: Develop tomorrow's intellectual leaders and scholars through enhanced opportunities in graduate education, especially Ph.D. and interprofessional programs.

Transform online education: Increase our efforts to improve access and opportunities for learners through technology-enhanced tools and practices.

Optimize enrollment management: Implement a strategic enrollment management plan that expands our reach, builds enrollments, retains students, and increases degree attainment.

Leverage our strengths in health and life sciences: Use our national leadership position in health and life sciences to advance our capabilities and contributions in interprofessional education and collaborative practice.

Accelerate innovation, discovery, and creative activity: Enhance our capacity and support for research, scholarship, and creative activity to improve the quality of life, generate new knowledge, and fuel economic development.

Deepen the campus commitment to community engagement: Increase service and experiential learning opportunities, stimulate economic development, and use outreach and engagement to address urban community needs.

Strengthen internationalization efforts: Forge and expand effective international partnerships and prepare our students to be global citizens.

Promote an inclusive campus climate: Seek, value, and cultivate diversity in all of its forms and create an environment where all campus community members feel welcomed, supported, included, and valued.

Develop faculty and staff: Invest in and develop faculty and staff so that individuals realize their potential to contribute to institutional excellence and succeed.

Each of these initiatives includes a series of strategic actions that will enable us to realize our goals. We are also developing relevant performance indicators to monitor the success of each initiative. Future IUPUI Performance Reports will be organized around the ten initiatives and will report progress on each, based on data gathered for the associated performance indicators. This report for 2012-2013 continues the focus on the three major planning themes—Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, and Excellence in Civic Engagement—that we have tracked since 2001-2002, but highlights accomplishments that will help advance the new priorities and initiatives.

I invite you to read this report, which summarizes the highlights of 2012-2013, and to visit the report web site at for additional details on our academic and administrative units. I invite you also to read our strategic plan, "Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond: IUPUI Strategic Plan," which you can access at And I invite you to work together with us, as we have done so successfully before, to think big, aim high, and accomplish more—for IUPUI, for Indianapolis, for Indiana, and beyond.

Charles R. Bantz
Chancellor of IUPUI

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